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      Xi’an Lijun Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd is a foreign-owned pharmaceutical enterprised which reformed from Xi’an Rejoy Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Its predecessor-Xi’an Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd was founded in the Revolutionary Holy Land Yan’an in 1938 which has nearly 70 years pharmaceutical history, two generations of China leader-Mao Zedong and Jiang Zemin personally inscribed for enterprise. It has more than 850 million Yuan of assets and more than 2000 employees,almost half of them are professional technicians,new type preparation,bulk drug,modern chinese traditional medicine and top grade health care product etc are main areas of operation.

      Benefits Mr. the technical building
        Lijun International as wholly-owned shareholder of Xi’an Lijun, Registered in British Cayman Islands, which is headquartered in HK International Convention and Exhibition Center, being listed in HK Main Board in 2005 (stock code: 2005) with total market value of almost 2.0 billion Yuan at current, has been engaged in investment and financing business relying upon pharmaceutical and management in Greater China.

      Xi’an Lijun has adhered to the concept of “excellent quality and diligent pursuit”, set up the quality management system in line with international standards and passed the national casual inspections successively during the past years,therefore it has won the title of “China AAA-grade Enterprise”.The production base for 5 major preparations such as solid,injection,powder injection, lyophilized powder injections, mordern chinese traditional

      Benefits Mr. to sell the company
      51 staffs move
        medicine and 9 major bulk drugs such as Erythromycin Ethylsuccinate etc all passed the CGMP authentification. Bulk drug such as Tetracycline Hcl,Erythromycin,Erythromycin Phosphate also passed US FDA authentification which have been exported to the United States, Europe and other countries, Erythromycin and Erythromycin Phosphate are the first Chinese enterprise passing US FDA authentification.
      Yearly produces 7 billion piece of solid preparations productionworkshop
      In three-dimensional storehouse

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